Dallas Symphonic Festival Results

DMTA’s Dallas Symphonic Festival gives north Texas music students a chance to compete with a concerto or sonata of their choice, with divisions organized by age. We are so proud of how each student has grown. McDonald Studios had a personal best this year; out of fifteen divisions,  nine students won the ranked first in their division.  The following students were recognized by the judges:

Receiving first place:

  • Lucas Pei (Elementary Concerto I, performing Haydn Concerto in D, mvt. 3)
  • David Choi (Elementary Concerto II, performing Kabalevsky “Youth Concerto”, mvt. 1)
  • Ella Tran (Intermediate Concerto, performing Schumann Concerto no.1, mvt. 1)
  • Shiv Yajnik (Senior Concerto Grand Prize division, performing MacDowell concerto no. 2, mvt. 1)
  • Mana Asaka (Elementary Sonata I, performing Haydn Sonata in C, HOB XVI/35 mvt. 1)
  • Sunny Hua (Junior Sonata A, performing Prokofiev sonata no. 2, mvt. 4)
  • Connor Chin (Junior Sonata B, performing Mozart sonata K. 332, mvt. 3)
  • Pranay Varada (Senior Sonata A, performing Rachmaninoff sonata no. 2, mvt. 1)
  • Ashley Tauhert (Senior Sonata B, performing Prokofiev sonata no. 7, mvt. 1)

We also want to congratulate:

  • Amy Danjul (2nd prize, Senior Concerto Grand Prize Division)
  • Shaun Orth (3rd prize, Senior Concerto Grand Prize Division)
  • Josephine Chiu (3rd prize, Senior Concerto)
  • Gordon Liu (4th prize, Senior Concerto Grand Prize Division)
  • Arushi Mukherjee (4th prize, Senior Concerto)
  • Eugene Wang (4th prize, Elementary Concerto I)
  • Esther Pham (4th prize, Junior Concerto)
  • Shaun Orth (5th prize, Senior Concerto)
  • Grace Tran (5th prize, Intermediate Sonata B)
  • Danielle Yoon (5th prize, Intermediate Concerto)
  • Oliver Chen (6th prize, Elementary Concerto)
  • William Huang (6th prize, Intermediate Concerto)
  • Kyle Cornelison (6th prize, Junior Sonata A)
  • Joanna Jia (Honorable Mention, Elementary 2 Concerto)
  • Andrew Quiroz (Honorable Mention, Intermediate Sonata A)
  • Richard Liu (Honorable Mention, Senior Concerto)
  • Abbey Brodnick (Honorable Mention, Senior Concerto)