Studio news - February 2018 to March 2019

Hi! There’s a lot in the news to catch up on!

But first, a word - sometimes we feel that we get a little bit lucky with results, and honestly, there’s always some luck involved. We never know if our style will speak to a judge or not. Sometimes the best performances go unacknowledged, and sometimes a performance that is less than our best receives a top prize. You never know. The goal, as always, is to share the joy of music and keep growing!

March 2018 - Jason Zhu solos with the Plano Symphony, performing Liszt concerto no. 1

March 2018 - Jason Lin wins 2nd prize at the MTNA national competition in Orlando, FL. He also won the Chopin prize!

April 2018 - Hannah Rosen accepts a scholarship offer from the Eastman School of Music, where she will study as a piano major

June 2018 - at the Texas Music Teacher’s Association state-level competition, we had 3 first places and 3 second places (out of 8 possible divisions in the state!), including: Ella Tran (7 solo, first place), Esther Pham (8 solo, second place), Sydney Levey (9 solo, second place), Pranay Varada (9 solo, first place), Gordon Liu (9-10 Concerto, second place), and Shiv Yajnik (9-10 solo, second place).

June 2018 - Jason Lin wins second prize at the Arthur Fraser International Piano Competition at the Southeaster Piano Festival

January 2019 - Shiv Yajnik wins the grand prize at the Collin County Young Artist Competition. As a result, he soloed with the Plano Symphony in March, performing the MacDowell concerto no. 2, mvt. 1. This is the fourth year in a row that a student from this studio has won the grand prize and performed with the symphony! Previous winners include: Jason Lin, Liszt 1 (2018); Shaun Orth, Schumann mvt. 1 (2017); Patrick Magee, Rachmaninoff 2, mvt. 3 (2016).

February 2019 - At Dallas Symphonic Festival, McDonald Music Studio students won 9 first places, out of 15 possible divisions. Amazing job, everyone!

Jason Lin wins MTNA Regional

Pianist Jason Lin will compete at the MTNA national competition in Florida in March! Jason was the senior winner for MTNA in Texas last November, and went on to win the regional round in Louisiana. Congratulations Jason - we wish you all the best at nationals! Jason has masterfully performed Bach’s prelude and fugue in c-sharp major (bk. 1), Beethoven’s sonata op. 81a (mvt. 3), Chopin’s fantasy in f, and Ligeti’s Devil’s Staircase

Dallas Symphonic Festival Results

DMTA’s Dallas Symphonic Festival gives north Texas music students a chance to compete with a concerto or sonata of their choice, with divisions organized by age. We are so proud of how each student has grown. McDonald Studios had a personal best this year; out of fifteen divisions,  nine students won the ranked first in their division.  The following students were recognized by the judges:

Receiving first place:

  • Lucas Pei (Elementary Concerto I, performing Haydn Concerto in D, mvt. 3)
  • David Choi (Elementary Concerto II, performing Kabalevsky “Youth Concerto”, mvt. 1)
  • Ella Tran (Intermediate Concerto, performing Schumann Concerto no.1, mvt. 1)
  • Shiv Yajnik (Senior Concerto Grand Prize division, performing MacDowell concerto no. 2, mvt. 1)
  • Mana Asaka (Elementary Sonata I, performing Haydn Sonata in C, HOB XVI/35 mvt. 1)
  • Sunny Hua (Junior Sonata A, performing Prokofiev sonata no. 2, mvt. 4)
  • Connor Chin (Junior Sonata B, performing Mozart sonata K. 332, mvt. 3)
  • Pranay Varada (Senior Sonata A, performing Rachmaninoff sonata no. 2, mvt. 1)
  • Ashley Tauhert (Senior Sonata B, performing Prokofiev sonata no. 7, mvt. 1)

We also want to congratulate:

  • Amy Danjul (2nd prize, Senior Concerto Grand Prize Division)
  • Shaun Orth (3rd prize, Senior Concerto Grand Prize Division)
  • Josephine Chiu (3rd prize, Senior Concerto)
  • Gordon Liu (4th prize, Senior Concerto Grand Prize Division)
  • Arushi Mukherjee (4th prize, Senior Concerto)
  • Eugene Wang (4th prize, Elementary Concerto I)
  • Esther Pham (4th prize, Junior Concerto)
  • Shaun Orth (5th prize, Senior Concerto)
  • Grace Tran (5th prize, Intermediate Sonata B)
  • Danielle Yoon (5th prize, Intermediate Concerto)
  • Oliver Chen (6th prize, Elementary Concerto)
  • William Huang (6th prize, Intermediate Concerto)
  • Kyle Cornelison (6th prize, Junior Sonata A)
  • Joanna Jia (Honorable Mention, Elementary 2 Concerto)
  • Andrew Quiroz (Honorable Mention, Intermediate Sonata A)
  • Richard Liu (Honorable Mention, Senior Concerto)
  • Abbey Brodnick (Honorable Mention, Senior Concerto)